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Page 185  "The point to remember is, caffeine is a drug, so treat it like a drug."    Prom King Dies of Caffeine Overdose

Chapter  35

As we conclude this discussion of ABC Water and related aspects, I think some things are worth repeating.

Although the bulk of what you have just read pertained to acid-base balance and my belief that maintaining your urine pH at 7 will make you feel better, and quite possibly, limitless more benefits, the significance of providing your body with a steady supply of vitamin B for energy and stress reduction, and vitamin C for repair, rebuild, and rejuvenation, should not be overlooked.

The emphasis was on the "A" because you already know about the "B" and the "C",  The problem is, no one is talking about the "A".  Why won't anyone talk about your INTERNAL ENVIRONMENT when it's just as important as your heart, liver, lungs, or brain.

Nurses know this.  Patient comes into the ER, mid 50s, chest pain, abdominal obesity, shortness of breath, Arterial Blood Gas results show that the patient's blood pH is 7.1, she gives the patient Bicarbonate.

And if you've been a nurse for a while, then you've also seen the following situation occur.  The bicarbonate's given, you draw another ABG expecting that the patient's blood pH will be normal and surprise!  It's still 7.1.  How come?  We gave the bicarb, the pH is supposed to go up.

If you read this book from the beginning, and you didn't just skim over the material, but you really read it and understood it before moving on to the next paragraph, then you should know the answer to this situation.  Why didn't the patient's pH go up after giving the Bicarbonate?

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Page 116  "By keeping your urine pH at 7, you are artificially creating the internal environment of a young healthy vegetarian."    

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Because the tissues are alkaline depleted and when they gave the bicarbonate the body just soaked it up.

This is a terrible condition to be in.  Not only are you dying, and your body's intelligence in an attempt to save you, runs to the pantry for supplies, and there's nothing there.  The shelves have been wiped out.  And now you're getting help from the outside, an IV infusion, and that's still not enough.

Luckily for this patient, the nurse is relentless and determined to save her patient's life and she just keeps giving bicarbonate in massive amounts until the ABG results show a normal pH of 7.4.

Now if this patient had maintained a urine pH of 7, the story would be quite different.  In fact, there would be no story at all.

But it's not just this patient that's at risk, the over-exerciser with a high protein low fruit and vegetable diet, that, on the surface seems like he's in great physical shape, but has an underlying acidosis problem.  Signs of fatigue that perhaps he or she has been masking with caffeine, tylenol, or worse, steroids, to allow the athlete to continue to push themselves.  An acidosis problem that the coach, trainer, or physician can't detect because blood tests don't tell you about your alkaline stores.  Lab tests check blood levels, not "pantry" levels.

And then there's the slow drip condition, where every day and every week, month by month, your transmission fluid becomes a little darker.  Then one day, you can't drive your car and the mechanic tells you you've fried your transmission.  "How did I do that?" you ask.  "Well, you never paid attention to the fluid."


Page 278  "The NCD says GOOD MILK is GOOD FOOD.  So support your raw milk farmer."   Organic Pastures  

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Page 135  "But what if you could raise your zoom zoom by raising your alkaline status?"    

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Page 249  "The NCD encourages you to become a Plastiphobe."  "Go Green with Glass,  SKS   C&P   FoodsAlive."   

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