Do you know the underlying similarity of all sick people?  I tell you it in the book, 344 pages.

 Do you know the color of the transmission fluid in your car? 

You could know it if you checked it. 

If you don't check, you don't know.

 The Original Source Book on Body Alkalinity and Taking Control Of It.


NCD Plastiphobism - the practice of avoiding plastic containers for eating, food storage, and meal making.  

A person who believes in using nontoxic environmentally-friendly glass containers whenever possible.

One who also avoids waxy-paper cups, styrofoam cups, and use-once throw-away containers. 

Find out why you should become a Plastiphobe by reading ABC Water and the Number Crunch Diet.

The outer you sees all the meals shown here as different - looking. 

But I've designed them so that they are all the same - numerically.

Your car runs on a certain "nutrient" ratio and formula.  Change it and it won't operate right.  Same goes for your body.