Do you know the underlying similarity of all sick people?  I tell you it in the book, 344 pages.

 Do you know the color of the transmission fluid in your car? 

You could know it if you checked it. 

If you don't check, you don't know.

 The Original Source Book on Body Alkalinity and Taking Control Of It.

Two Yous

No that's not a misspelling.  There are 2 yous.  When you eat, you choose food based on looks.  "Hm, that looks good", as you turn the pages of a restaurant menu.  Secondarily, you ask yourself, "What do I feel like eating?" 

So your eyes relate to the outer world, and the "feeling" that talks to you is the inner you.

News Flash - The inner you, doesn't care what it looks like. 

Your inner you is looking for things it needs to run the body.  While trying not to get bogged down with the junk that comes its way.

The outer you sees all the meals shown here as different - looking. 

But I've designed them so that they are all the same - numerically.

Your car runs on a certain "nutrient" ratio and formula.  Change it and it won't operate right.  Same goes for your body.