The alkaline-foods alkaline-diet people are wasting their time.  I explain why in the book.  Your goal is an alkaline BODY.  Besides, there are basically 3 alkaline foods, fruits, vegetables, and ...

Indicators of Health

From page 2 of the textbook, A Handbook of Routine Urinalysis, we find the following, "The physical and chemical properties of urine have long been recognized as important indicators of health."  And you thought it was cholesterol, HDL, LDL that were your health indicators.

If you are cutting carbs, your body switches to burning fatty acids for fuel.  Your urine should have trace to 1+ ketones.  You can buy these test strips online.  This is one way to see if you are in fat-burning mode.  2+ ketones means you're cutting too much carbs. 

Another test you can do is to see if you are diabetic.  When your blood glucose/sugar goes above 160, glucose starts being dumped into the urine.  So the test pad will show trace positive glucose.

You can also check to see if you have cirrhosis (liver disease), blood (bladder cancer, infection, or trauma), urinary tract infection, nephrotic syndrome (kidney disease), and dehydration.  These 10-pad urine test strips are available on - click here.

So this urinalysis textbook is correct - urine has long been recognized as providing important indicators of health.

But it doesn't stop there.

This textbook goes on to say, "The kidneys are responsible for maintaining homeostasis including the regulation of body fluids, acid-base balance, electrolyte balance and the excretion of waste products."  Don't freak out about the "waste" products.  It's just urea from protein metabolism, water, chloride, sodium, potassium, creatinine, and whatever else you've been eating, drinking, popping, or smoking.


and your urine pH on the test pad is telling you what your acid alkaline status is.

But you're going to need someone educated, licensed, board certified, experienced, and knowledgeable on the ENTIRE subject to walk you through the steps.

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