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Dental Hygiene protocol that can reduce your gum pocket depth from 343  323  433        to                       121  112  211 millimeters when they probe.

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                                          Pick the correct answers - There may be more than one
8.  Compensating means
    a.  saving for retirement
    b.  eating foods that lift your mood
    c.  doing something to mask something
    d.  brushing it out of your thoughts
    e.  pleasing others and being a do-gooder
     f.  all of the above
10.  The "Cheat Day" is
    a.  a great way to get food cravings satisfied
    b.  required to reset my fat-burning hormones
    c.  a 2-8 step backwards day
    d.  works well for most people long term
    e.  is a popular "trick" that you should buy into
9.  The reason(s) people are fat
    a.  they're born that way
    b.  they don't make their own meals
    c.  hereditary - handed down from your parents
    d.  my body just won't lose fat
    e.  they don't see the numbers in what they're eating  
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2.  Urine pH testing is routinely performed by licensed
    a.  social workers
    b.  clinical laboratory scientists
    c.  respiratory therapists
    d.  fitness advisors
    e.  nurses and doctors   
3.  The cost of one month of urine pH testing is _____ the
     cost of open heart surgery (CABG). 
    a.  1/10
    b.  1/100
    c.  1/1000
    d.  1/10,000
    e.  1/100,000   
4.  The opposite of metabolic acid is dietary
    a.  phosphates - found in meats and cola drinks
    b.  bicarbonate - found in packaged foods
    c.  caffeine - found in green tea
    d.  bicarbonate - found in fruits and vegetables
    e.  bicarbonate - found in oils and fats   
5.  Information can be of which types  
    a.  true
    b.  incomplete
    c.  false
    d.  clouded
    e.  secret   
6.  "Natural Flavor" on a food label is
    a.  natural flavor extracts from plants and fruit
    b.  glutamates, MSG, altered salts
    c.  chemicals that make you addicted to the product
    d.  generally safe and good for me
    e.  not something I need to worry about   
7.  During World War II, the people who failed to act early
    a.  suffered
    b.  died
    c.  lost everything
    d.  became victims
    e.  made it through unscathed   
1.  A Urine pH of 5 is telling you
    a.  about your blood pressure
    b.  that you're tired
    c.  about your alkaline reserves
    d.  to see a doctor
    e.  that you're healthy and fine