Do you know the underlying similarity of all sick people?  I tell you it in the book, 344 pages.

 Do you know the color of the transmission fluid in your car? 

You could know it if you checked it. 

If you don't check, you don't know.

 The Original Source Book on Body Alkalinity and Taking Control Of It.


I never thought I would buy-in to a religious group.  I've always been way too independent and I don't need other groups or people thinking for me.  California is known for cults, everyone remembers the Jim Jones tragedy and the mass suicide of 909 of his followers.  Then in 1997 we had 39 people commit suicide in San Diego, the Heaven's Gate group.  

That said, I've started my own group.  I call us:  The Seventh-Day Adventist Omnivores, the SDAOs.

These are the people who buy into Seventh-Day Adventism teachings and principles, but not the vegan-vegetarian diet part.

Read the NCD Flaxseed Shake Recipe as I explain how this vegan-diet equals a healthy-diet thing got misconstrued by the SDA.

Healthy = Alkaline

And the vegan-vegetarian diet just happens to be an alkaline diet.

On the Number Crunch Diet, we eat like an omnivore, plants and animals, and we stay alkaline for health, ABC Water.