Do you know the underlying similarity of all sick people?  I tell you it in the book, 344 pages.

 Do you know the color of the transmission fluid in your car? 

You could know it if you checked it. 

If you don't check, you don't know.

 The Original Source Book on Body Alkalinity and Taking Control Of It.

Health Coach

Who do you turn to for health?  Your doctor?  Probably not.  He or she treats diseases.  Your fitness advisor?  Well, he may look good because he's 20 something, but knowledge, not that much.  I propose following people who have figured it out.

Having spent most of my free time reading books, 100+ over the past 14 years, I've developed a system of health for myself.  Rather than try to figure it out for yourself.  Just follow what I've set up.  Start reading ABC NCD and you'll have more than enough to get you started on the journey to Independent Health.  That can potentially keep you,

out of the OR

out of the ER


out of the dental chair