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 The Original Source Book on Body Alkalinity and Taking Control Of It.

Alkalinity = anti-aging

Did you know that when the fluid in your car's transmission turns black and stays black that your vehicle will eventually become inoperable?  Similarly, your body has a fluid "color".  It's called your acid-base status. 

pH isn't something you can point to, touch, or draw on a piece of paper - but it is key.

We like to think of things we can see, things we have a "visual" of.  But, like your body temperature, your body has a pH component.

People get hung-up on diet, exercise, supplements, etc., but if your pH is off, your whole body is off.

When you don't feel like exercising or working out, that's likely a pH issue - the acid from your last workout hasn't been mopped up.

One of the best things I ever did for my health and energy was to find out the acid alkaline status of my body, and then correct it.

I lay it all out in the book.  There is no other book on the market that covers the subject as comprehensively as ABC Water.

You would do wisely to get to the root of your body's optimum operating aspect.  Your body's fluid "color" - your body's pH status.

When it comes to foods, they are really #3 on the list for acid producers.  #1 is way more acid producing than food, and # 2 as well. 

So, by eating an alkaline DIET, you may be a long way off from having an alkaline BODY.  You really don't know. 

You really have no way of knowing the alkaline status of your body, unless you test it.  Correctly.

  ABC Water is authored by a scientist that's licensed and board certified for human pH testing and result interpretation.