Microorganisms aren't an issue.  Providing you stay CHEMICAL FREE.

You see, for microorganisms to invade, you first have to have damage to your tissues from chemicals. 

Read the labels on your body products.

Ask yourself what's in the dish soap in your kitchen. 

What are you using to clean your bathroom?  Living room?  Car?

You know, I haven't used laundry detergent for more than 10 years.  Hot water works just fine.  Germs are also killed in a hot dryer.

The first step to detoxing your body, is to detox your home.  Otherwise, you just continue to be exposed.

How come the media never talks about CHEMICALS?


Why is it always a killer virus, fungus, parasite or bacteria?

Don't get me wrong, the "designer" bugs are deadly, MRSA, VRE, mycoplasma.  Those are "GMO bugs".  And they are dangerous.

But, again.  Chemicals set the stage.  Then, microorganisms can infect.   

You can reduce your risk of microorganism infection, by reducing your exposure to chemicals.