Do you know the underlying similarity of all sick people?  I tell you it in the book, 344 pages.

 Do you know the color of the transmission fluid in your car? 

You could know it if you checked it.  If you don't check, you don't know.

 The Original Source Book on Body Alkalinity and Taking Control Of It.

Blood Pressure

It's very easy to measure your blood pressure these days.  Every drugstore has a blood pressure cuff and chair station.  So you put your arm in and press the button.  A minute later you get some numbers, you compare them to your prior measurements, and you draw a conclusion. 

Many people know their blood pressure numbers.  They are "familiar" with their blood pressure.  They "know" their numbers.

Everyone knows the normal 120 over 80.  And people know the high range, 140 150 160+ over 86 90 95+.

Did you know you can do this exact same thing with your body's Alkaline Status?

I've created a way, a system.

As a licensed and board certified medical laboratory scientist, I am completely experienced and knowledgeable on pH and acidosis.

As a self-health researcher and author, I am completely versed on pH and alkalinity from the alternative health angle.

So, I have created the first-and-only comprehensive system for Measuring Your Body's Alkalinity.  It's how I personally do it.

Since I am licensed and board certified for testing, it seems fitting that a lab scientist would develop this.

Currently, the public can measure their body's, temperature, blood pressure, and blood glucose.

However, as of now, you can also measure your alkaline status to see what it is. 

Then when you have taken several measurements over time, you come to know your numbers, like knowing your blood pressure numbers.