Due to ClickBank's fee schedule, these e-books are now being sold directly through this site.  Rest assured, they are of the highest quality and perfectly polished.  This is another reason for not using CB, as many of their e-books are hyped up, over-marketed, and scam-y.  I purchased a CB fitness e-book for $77 and it was borderline garbage, whereas JPM books are not garbage, and you can find them officially published in paperback and on kindle/ipad formats.

CB also supports funnels, where you cannot "leave page" by using your back button and you often have to close out your browser to exit the funnel.  Again, a marketing ploy JPM does not use.  You can click on any of the pages and links on this site without "fear" or entrapment.

The process is the same, just use your Pay Pal account to send money to my email address:  abcwaterandthenumbercrunchdiet@mail.com

state what title or titles you're paying for, and your e-book(s) will be sent to you in 24-48 hours.

Stay Sane,

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